Sunday, December 6, 2009

Another Apology And Average Alliteration

Ello all,
Sorry I've not had anything new here in a while. If you must know why- it's because I'm writing a musical. I should be back with something quite soon. My next guest character- Simone De Beauvoir! Would you believe it?
You would.
Till then, here's another little peice of awesome:
The Children's book I illustrated for Kyra has been turned into an iPhone App! And you can download it for free from here. The colours are a bit iffy and there's a few things I'd have loved to change, but the story is beautifully written so do check it out.
It only works on iPhones and iTouches though. If you're under the impression you can put it on your iShuffle and a little screen will pop out then you'll be sorely disappointed.
I know because I tried.
Tally Ho!


anish said...

whats the name of the damn app?

and the link is broken, so, yeah.

Quaint Murmur said...

Bloody hell, Harry. Put up a link that works. And here I was all excited to see it.

Soonly pliss.